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Internet na Wsi - Education

Internet na Wsi


Program e-VITA prowadzony był w latach 2004 – 2011. Miał na celu wsparcie wykorzystania technologii informacyjnych w rozwoju wsi i małych miast. Partnerami w programie byli Polsko-Amerykańska Fundacja Wolności, Fundacja Wspomagania Wsi i Cisco Systems Poland (2004-2006). Realizatorką była Fundacja Wspomagania Wsi.

Program e-VITA

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English summary


The main intended outcome of the program was to improve the skills and level of knowledge among the beneficiaries concerning the possibilities of using information technology to gain workplaces, developing farms and enterprises as well as implementing socially useful projects and activities.


Knowledge on practical use of the Internet, information technology, education, entrepreneurship and creating workplaces, as well as concrete applications of the technology in Poland and abroad, has been collected and passed on within the program. Education was directed at preparing chosen communities to use IT and to promote the use of IT in local development among a wide circle of end users.


As a result of these activities 1168 people were provided with basic (722) and advanced (446) computer literacy training. 12 local communities acquired knowledge on how to provide basic computer literacy training for adults.

About 1200 representatives of local governments and non-governmental organizations got acquainted with the possibilities of using the Internet in local development:


- 432 local organizations activists, elected chairs of a village council, chief officers of a group of villages, and mayors took part in 6 IT seminars,

- 495 representatives of non-governmental organizations, social committees, informal groups, media and local governments participated in IV National Meeting of Organizations Operating in Rural Areas.

- Over 16 000 guides how to use the Internet in local development were made available to the readers.

- 22 local organizations implemented projects using the Internet and modern technology for developing small communities. Websites created as a part of a “Small IT Grants” contest, contributed to improve the accessibility of community members to education, market and widened their interests.


  • Local manufacturers, craftsmen and artists of Białogard and Mały Płock represent their produce in the on-line shops.

  • Interactive touristic portals improve the chances of Cekcyn (www.e-agroturystyka.las.pl), Stoszowice (www.srebrna.com) and Zelowa inhabitants to increase the profits from flat letting, providing culinary services and organizing events for visitors.

  • In Cekcyn and Mały Płock communities, projects, using the Net to improve the quality and accessibility of learning the English language have been designed. In Stoszowice (www.spstoszowice.pl) and Recz communities the websites created by local schools support regional education and facilitate inter-school cooperation. Discussion portals, virtual grade-books of pupils allow for better communication with parents and in such a way engage the latter into educational activities of the schools.

  • In Mały Płock community website containing places of danger constitutes a key element in educational activities directed at raising traffic safety (http://bezpieczni.w.interia.pl).

  • The website, created by the Eko-Centrum-Zelów Association (www.ekocentrum.org.pl) which unites the farmers, promotes the idea of eco-farming and activities which promote local food processing brands.

  • The youth use the Internet willingly as a means of filling their spare time and as entertainment in the country. There has been established the Club, which organizes on-line chess tournaments In Stoszowice community, a website of Youth Fishing Club encourages to indulge in fishing, whereas project “Kuźnia Srebrnogórska (Smithy of Srebrna Góra)” facilitates the youth in sharing the ideas on how to spend free time in rural area, how to organize different events, games and team activities.

  • The projects implemented by the inhabitants of 6 communities present the possibilities of using the Internet for nurturing traditions and integration of generations (embroidering, cooking traditional dishes together).


The greatest advantage of the implemented projects is that their success depended on joint effort of inhabitants to the benefit of their society and community. The projects which were planned and implemented within e-VITA program constitute verified examples of using the Internet in the country and can serve as an encouragement to undertake similar initiatives in other places.


Direct outcome of the implemented projects:


  • Creation of 21 websites on developing local communities, raising knowledge and skills in e.g. foreign languages. The websites may be split into: those created for businessmen (7 websites, including 2 on-line shops), educational (9 websites), culture and entertainment (5 websites).

  • Organizing 16 courses, workshops and training on the Internet literacy, web sites, and other e.g.: foreign languages, dance. 485 people took part in courses.

  • 738 people actively engaged in communal activities connected with Small IT Grants contest.

  • 17 746 people (including 3 469 children and school youth) till December 2005 participated in the projects organized as a result of the contest.

  • While implementing the 12 projects, additional Internet access points have been created, they were not financed by the program.

  • 16 organizations raised finance to organize events.