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Program e-VITA prowadzony był w latach 2004 – 2011. Miał na celu wsparcie wykorzystania technologii informacyjnych w rozwoju wsi i małych miast. Partnerami w programie byli Polsko-Amerykańska Fundacja Wolności, Fundacja Wspomagania Wsi i Cisco Systems Poland (2004-2006). Realizatorką była Fundacja Wspomagania Wsi.

Program e-VITA

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Outcomes of the Program


Implementation of e-VITA pilot program allowed for testing and elaborating the model process of bringing IT to the village community. Activities which were undertaken, point out the importance of persuasion, encouragement and support of the inhabitants in using information technology. Enabling the adult inhabitants’ participation in gaining both basic and advanced knowledge on computer and Internet in the course of trainings is a condition to use newly implemented infrastructure effectively. Unlike children and the youth, adults did not have a chance of acquiring such knowledge at school. The situation makes it worthwhile to invest in preparing a local team of trainers. Support in using IT in communal, educational and economic activities may include a system of “incentives”: awards and subsidies for teachers, businessmen, people and groups that are active in community, who use the Internet at work in an innovative and effective way. It is also important to enable the inhabitants use the Internet at public access Internet points. Functioning of these points may be financed by funds received from subscription fee.


The above mentioned elements of IT systems implementation were performed in communities which take part in e-VITA program. After completion of the program all communities, having the support from the inhabitants, plan further investments in development of IT infrastructure. Basing on the prepared documents: IT infrastructure development strategy and concepts, they are applying or intend to apply for subsidies from the EU.


  • Community Recz applied to European Union Fund ZPORR 1.5 to create an e-council and to create e-accounting program. Since January 2005 the community has been realizing Ikonk@ program, financed by Ministry of Scientific Research and Information Technology.

  • Community Zelów applied to ZPORR 1.5 to create e-government aplication, the project was practical side of the project was highly valued, however, the community did not receive funds. The investment has been financed by the community. The community is implementing Ikonk@ program.

  • Community Białogard along with other communities and towns of Parseta river basin applied to ZPORR 1.5 to create Wrota Parsety (Gates of Parseta).

  • Community Mały Płock is implementing program “Development of activities of Community Information Center”, “Implementing Internet services for the population of podlaskie voivodship” and “Internet Multimedia Information Center in school and pedagogical libraries”. A website containing places of danger on the roads, on the territory of the community which was prepared by a competent organization. It became an impulse for coalition between fire brigade, police and newly established community guards, they use the IT network, built within e-VITA, as an integrated system of prevention. Currently the idea of creating a coalition for safety based on the IT network was accepted by the Mały Płock neighboring communities within the “Pilot Program Leader +” financed by EU.

  • Community Cekcyn established an Association “CencynNet”, which is developing local Internet network for its inhabitants. Community council built the WLAN network between the council and association of schools in Cekcyn independently. VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) connection was also established between the school and the community council. Community Cekcyn focused on building the network on the territory of the community (access for communal day care centers) creating telecenters. It received the subsidies from Voivodship Council to purchase computers and multimedia equipment for day care centers.

  • Community Stoszowice - The community received subsidy of 800.000 PLN from Ministry of Scientific Research and Information Technology for the community’s own contribution to e-VITA program. The community plans to use the declared financial contribution of 1 mln PLN to develop the IT network and its functionality. In the course of implementation of the e-VITA program a decision to extend the optical fiber connection to the next locality – Lutomierz has been made. Villages of Rudnica and Janowa Góra are going to be connected further on. According to the IT development strategy, prepared within the program, the community is planning to use the established broadband Internet access system in education and tourism. Community Education Platform application has been established, it will improve cooperation between the schools. Telelessons of the English language are being planned at schools, with the help of English-speaking volunteers, who will get connected to the pupils through the Internet. In the community council e-council applications are being implemented.


The e-VITA program which lasted 24 months ended with success. It sparked further initiatives connected with the development of information society in the communities. Several thousand people benefited from the program till January 2006. We suggest that further evaluation should take place in 12 months’ time, after the completion of the program.